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Before these celebrities became famous in Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports, business, or government, they had regular jobs just like you and me. Click the links below to see what your favorite stars did before they were famous.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman once worked as a clown, reportedly making about $50.00 per show.
Samuel Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson was once expelled from Morehouse College for a civil rights demonstration in which he and other students held hostage members of the Morehouse board of trustees. He then moved to L.A. and worked in social services for two years before returning to Morehouse to major in drama.
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger used to be a porter in a mental hospital. As a child, he also had a summer job selling ice cream from a refrigerated trolley.
Edgerrin James
As a teenager, Edgerrin James worked a grueling jab harvesting watermelons and loading them into trailers.
Al Jardine
Al Jardine of the Beach Boys worked as a bus boy for his first job.
Waylon Jennings
Waylon Jennings was a disc jockey in West Texas before becoming a country artist. He was part of history when he played bass guitar for Buddy Holly during his final tour.
Jesus was once a carpenter. :-)
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson appeared uncredited in a 1993 Conan O'Brien skit at the age of 8. She also had a role in Home Alone 3 in 1997.
Don Johnson
Don Johnson appeared as a contestant on "The Dating Game" in the late 1960s.
Angelina Jolie
Jolie admitted in an interview that when she was younger she wanted to be a funeral director.
Jolie appeared in music videos for Korn, Meat Loaf, Lenny Kravitz, and The Rolling Stones.
Tommy Lee Jones
Tomy Lee Jones was once roommates with Al Gore at Harvard.
Spike Jonze
Director Spike Jonze once worked in a surf shop in Maryland. He also co-founded Dirt Magazine.
Ashley Judd
Before finding fame, Ashley Judd graduated from the University of Kentucky, Lexington with a degree in French.
Ashley Judd used to clean the Judd family tour bus for a few dollars a day.

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