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Before these celebrities became famous in Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports, business, or government, they had regular jobs just like you and me. Click the links below to see what your favorite stars did before they were famous.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin was once a bouncer.
Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball was reportedly fired from an ice cream shop for not remembering to add bananas to banana splits.
Lucille Ball used to be a model (mostly fur coats) at Hattie Carnegie's in New York.
Drew Barrymore
Before her break-through role in E.T., Drew Barrymore appeared in commercials for dog food, Rice Krispies cereal, and Pilsbury chocolate chip cookies.
Kathy Bates
According to allmovie.com, Kathy Bates has worked in the gift shop at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and as a singing waitress at a Catskill resort.
Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty reportedly worked as a rat catcher before hitting it big.
Halle Berry
One of Halle Berry's first acting gigs was a guest appearance on "They Came from Outer Space."
Halle Berry worked at Higbee's Department store in the children's department.
Before becoming a hollywood star, Halle Berry was in several beauty contests including Miss Ohio USA, Miss Teen All-American, Miss USA (first runner-up in 1986), and Miss World 1986.
Jerome Bettis
Football star Jerome Bettis' first job was at a restaurant named "Charly's."
Jessica Biel
Right before landing a part in 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel appeared in a 1996 McDonald's commercial for the Arch Deluxe sandwich.
Thora Birch
Before she became known for her roles in American Beauty and Ghostworld, Thora Birch appeared in a California Raisin commercial at age four. She also can be seen in Quaker Oats and Campbells Soup commercials.
Clint Black
At age 14, country star Clint Black delivered newspapers in Houston.
Jack Black
In the late 80's, Jack Black appeared in a management training film "Manager of the Year - Effective Listening." He played a teenager who tells his father that the family car has been stolen.
Jack Black was in an commercial for an Atari game.
Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett was the "original Tim-Tam girl" and she did a number of commercials for the Australian chocolate biscuits.
Orlando Bloom
When Orlando was 13, he worked as a clay trapper at a local pigeon shooting range.
Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi once had a job as a Christmas decoration maker.
Kate Bosworth
Bosworth has appeared in several Revlon ads.
Boy George
Boy George was fired from a job at Tesco supermarkets for "choosing to wear the store's carrier bags."
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando became a ditch digger after being expelled from military school.
Brandy has said that her first job was in a hair salon.
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley was once a rancher, rodeo rider, and blacksmith. He was a bodyguard for Howard Hughes in the 1950's. Brimley also served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the end of the Korean war.
Matthew Broderick
Before Matthew Broderick became famous in War Games and Ferris Bueller, he could be seen in a 1982 commercial for Lanacane itch cream.
Adam Brody
Immediately after high school, Adam Brody had a job working at Blockbuster.
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson worked in a coal mine before becoming famous.
Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks worked as a salesman in a boot store right up until his big break.
In college, Garth Brooks received a track scholarship as a javelin thrower.
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock worked as a bartender, cocktail waitress, and coat checker before hitting it big.
Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi was actually a New York City Fireman in the early 80's. Buscemi was also a bartender, ice cream truck driver, and stand-up comedian.

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